Donut Kings

Donut King Discography (with pictures):

First Bite (1986)
Bizmark (1987)
School Food (1989)
No Evacuation Possible (1996)
FAPLUNK (1999)
Seven (2007)
Pub With No Beer - single (2009)
The Halloween Album (2010)
2014 (2014) A single per month for 2014
Dancing Larry (January)
Who Stole My Helicopter (February)
Facebook Therapy (March)
Tastes Like Chicken (April)
No Known Gnomes in Nome (May)
Transmission (June)
Pushin' On (July)
Shades (August)
Jack in the Box (September)
New Monster Blues (October)
Jerry Lewis Kung Fu Warrior (November)
Creepy Guy in the Laundromat (December)


M.U.S.I.C Volume One (1997) Silvester Was A Bellboy (non abum track.)
Volume Two (1997) Dad'd Desoto, Be Honest. Donut Kings also appear as backing band on 2 tracks for Kelly.
Volume Three (1999) Drag Racing Robot, I Want My Stained Dress Back (non abum track.)
Bakers Dozen (1999) Donut Kings sampler containing 15 tracks from 1986-1999. Out of print. Was available exclusively at
Hard-On for Tromaville (2000) Monster Surf Boogie. AMP Records (Canada).
Pop-A-Boner Vol. 2 (2000) Dad's Desoto. Get Happy Records (Germany). LP
Springfield Mass Rocks Your Ass (2000) Stubby the Runner. Offenzline Productions (Germany). LP
Valley Independent Artists 2006 (2006) Nothinghead. VIA (USA)
RickResource Forum CD2 (2008) Who Do You Think You Are?(USA)
RickResource Forum CD3 (2010) Monster Surf Boogie. (USA)

Donut King Member Discography:

Rikk Desgres Discography:

Cataclismic Eyeball Soup (1988) Solo
Dreams (Calculate The Risk) (1991) with Redline
Space Dirt (2012) with HydroElectric
Creature Machine EP (2014) with Creature Machine
Creature Machine II (2014) with Creature Machine

Bob Haberern Discography:

"Who Are The Fatheads Anyways?" (1989) with The McKnickNix
Mc"Sicks"Pak (1989) with The McKnickNix
Welcome To 1990 (1989) with The McKnickNix
Kiss This (1990) with The McKnickNix
Bizarre Bazaar (1991) with The McKnickNix
First Trial Of Yagreb (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Night Of The Living Dumpster (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Starfin (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Dawn Of The Mold (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Beast Of The Black Slime Swamp (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Mozach (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra
Nasty Hits 1989-1998 (1999) with Green Flem & the Nasty Maggots
Transvestite Tears (2001) with Green Flem & the Nasty Maggots

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