Donut Kings

Donut Kings Accomplishments and Press clippings:

Donut Kings are the winners of the Valley Advocate's Grand Band Slam 2000 in the Alternative/Eclectic category.

"I Wanna Be Santaded" from FAPLUNK was featured on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show on December 24, 2000.

"Be Honest" from FAPLUNK was featured on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento show on February 6, 2000.

"This disc has DIY written all over but for all it's low budget superficial appearance it's actually a fairly entertaining set of tunes. This trio hails from the Northeast U.S. and are reminiscent of a "let's try-this-kind-of-music-the-kids-seems-to-be buying-it" new wave band from the early 1980s. They are kind of rocking, politely goofy and in the end, fairly talented. "Skateboard Surfer" is low on the intelligence-o-meter but has enough of a guitar charge to keep even the most jaded reviewer bopping. "Dad's Desoto" careens nicely too with its squaresville organ surges. The goofy song title count is high including such winners as"Stubby The Runner," "In Heaven There Is No Beer," "Sergeant Stupid" and "Drag Racing Robot" to name a few. Their re-arranging of the Ramones' template in "I Wanna be Santaded" (no typo) should be added to your next left-of-the-dial Christmas mix. Sincere and silly in equal measure. Let's all page Mike Hunt while you tear the label off your next mattress! "
Jeff Monk
Mohair Sweets web zine (Winnepeg)
January, 2001

"Surf punk" with a twist would be the best way to describe this trio. There's some funny stuff, and some nice music here."Drag Racing Robot," sets the tone for the CD with a kind of Weird Al sensibility. But the second track "Stubby The Runner," is enough to keep you listening. The lyrics are odd, but their delivery is great, with an upbeat tempo and a very full sound, leaving no dead space. By "In Heaven There Is No Beer." It's fairly obvious that we're not going to get any serious fare. "Be Honest" is a fun song, asking us to fess up to the things we all secretly do: "Did you ever run a red light at 1:AM /Did you ever ask the operator, please page Mike Hunt?" "Spider Goo" is an odd song, focusing on one of America's finest underground fears. "I Wanna Be Sedated" rounds out the album, with a remake of the Ramones classic. Take all the things you knew about the original add a touch of Kris Kringle, and voila! If you want to take the world a little less seriously for forty-five minutes, and maybe even have a little fun, pop this disc in.
John MacLeod
Music Revue
June 2000

"Notable bright spot(s) include the Dead Kennedyesque 'Dad's Desoto' by the Donut Kings..."
Review of Compilation Vol. 2
Dave Burruto
December 1997

"At last check the Donut Kings could lay claim to 'the most downloaded band in Springfield, MA' according to statistics."
Gary Carra
Valley Advocate
June 29, 2000

"They will not win any beauty competitions, but they present themselves rather nice like the boys from next door."
Useless Earlypipes
April 2000

"Total delight from this group with the picturesque name. The CD has the added bonus of a multimedia track (to be read by a MAC or PC) that's worth its weight in bits. There are photos (not great but worth being there since they don't cost extra) and, especially, some hilarious videos."
June 2000

"Weird Al-style nasal vocals explore the connection between cars, robots and girls while surfy melodies and ultra-tight drums complete the goofy, good time mood."
Doug Russell

"The Donut Kings...."quirk rock" to the upmost...It's fun, It's tight, and it doesn't leave the "Weird Al " aftertaste"
Mike "Haze"
WHMP - FM 99.3 "993 ROCKS"