Donut Kings


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Donut Kings


2020 Pinehurst Precords

Donut Kings


2014 Catseyesoup

Donut Kings

The Halloween Album

2010 Catseyesoup

Donut Kings

Pub With No Beer

2009 Catseyesoup

Donut Kings


2007 Catseyesoup

Donut Kings


2005 Catseyesoup

Donut Kings


1999 Pinehurst Records

Donut Kings

No Evacuation Possible

1996 Pinehurst Records

Donut Kings

School Food

1989 Pinehurst

Donut Kings


1987 Pinehurst

Donut Kings

First Bite

1986 Pinehurst

Donut Kings

Bakers Dozen


Various Artists

Vol. One

1997 Pinehurst

Various Artists

Vol. Two

1997 Pinehurst

Various Artists

Vol. Three

1999 Pinehurst

Various Artists

Hard-On for Tromaville

2000 AMP Records (Canada)

Various Artists

Pop-A-Boner Vol. 2 (LP)

2000 Get Happy Records (Germany)

Various Artists

Springfield, Mass Rocks Your Ass (LP)

2000 Offenline (Germany)

Various Artists

Valley Independant Artists

2006 VIA

Various Artists

RickResource Forum CD2


Various Artists

RickResource Forum CD3


Donut Kings Members Other Projects Discography

Rikk Desgres Discography:

Cataclismic Eyeball Soup (1988) Solo

Dreams (Calculate The Risk) (1991) with Redline

Space Dirt (2012) with HydroElectric

Creature Machine  (2014) with Creature Machine

Creature Machine II (2014) with Creature Machine

Stripped Clean (2017) with Creature Machine

The Healing Agent (2018) with The Healing Agent

Love It, Leave It (2021) with The Healing Agent

Bob Haberern Discography:

"Who Are The Fatheads Anyways?" (1989) with The McKnickNix

Mc"Sicks"Pak (1989) with The McKnickNix

Welcome To 1990 (1989) with The McKnickNix

Kiss This (1990) with The McKnickNix

Bizarre Bazaar (1991) with The McKnickNix

First Trial of Yagneb (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Night Of The Living Dumpster (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Starfin (1992) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Dawn Of The Mold (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Beast Of The Black Slime Swamp (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Mozach (1993) with Cabbage Night Orchestra

Nasty Hits 1989-1998 (1999) with Green Flem & the Nasty Maggots

Transvestite Tears (2001) with Green Flem & the Nasty Maggots